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When you feed your dogs the best treats with the simplest ingredients, you will too!

About Us

Bucket Dogz was founded and built, from the ground up, by Neil and Jaimie Restorff. Retired and looking for a way to support their dog/flyball habit, their teammates encouraged them to sell the treats they lovingly made for their pups. So they perfected their recipes and started slinging treats!

They named the company after their heart dog, Oscar, whose favorite reward toy was none other than a bucket. He was known in the flyball world as “The Bucket Dog,” and considering his heart dog status, it was only natural the company be named in his honor.

Thanksgiving Day, 2021. The keys to the kingdom were handed over to Alan and Sara Degenhardt: fellow dog lovers from Illinois, who also enjoy making treats for their 4-pack of pointy eared heathens. With a promise to love this company as much as Neil and Jaimie do, Alan and Sara moved the entire set-up up North, to its new home in Pecatonica, Illinois. 

Get Your Paws on ‘Em

Our Jerkies are all natural SINGLE ingredient treats, no additives, no sodium, nothing the average person cannot pronounce.

Our cookies are made with oat flour we grind ourselves and the simplest, purest ingredients we can find. There is absolutely no wheat or corn in our products.

Each bag of our cookies and jerkies are a generous 5+ ounces.

All products are tested by our four legged quality control department. Your dogs are literally eating what our dogs are eating.

Friends Helping Friends

Just a few of our favorite things…. and people!

We have some talented, big hearted people in our lives, and we want to support them in every way we can.

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Bunker Hill Dog Training

Sharp K9 Products

Jack & Co. Elderberry Syrup

BAX Ts & Gifts

Flight of the Phoenix:
A Women’s Empowerment Collective

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